Our Story -
Plumbtec reflects the strength of a group that from small beginnings back in
1987 has grown to become a fully national group with almost 200 stores around the country. Every Plumbtec member built their business by servicing the trade. they know plumbing backwards and today, as part of a national plumbing network, they can service your needs even better.
Our easy to identify image, our huge product range and handy store locations are sure to make it easier for you, the plumber and builder.

Our Service -
So you can spend more time on your business, at Plumbtec we've made choosing products far more easlier.
A quick visit to your local Plumbtec Showroom and a chat to our experienced staff will soon provide you with the right information, brochures and a large selection of kitchen, bathroom and laundry products.
Remember, Plumbtec is your One Stop Plumbing Shop!

Our Staff -
At all Plumbtec stores, our dedicated trained staff are totally committed to all of our customers.
Whether it's general information, product information, pricing or availability to help you get on with the job, our staff will guide you all the way.

Our Range -
We've worked hard at Plumbtec to give you quality and design at a real
affordable price with our own registered brand name "Linea" to help you, our
valued customers, get the job done at the right price.
As you have come to expect, Plumbtec's extensive range delivers all the well known brands of top quality products both locally and overseas - when you need them.